Courses and Events

During the COVID-19 lockdown, we are still providing online lessons and therapy sessions via video chat. Michael is offering meditation lessons at £20 per hour and Jackie is still offering her hypnotherapy sessions via Zoom for £60 per session. Socially distanced meditation sessions can be arranged.

Email for details and to book an appointment.

One to One Meditation Lessons

You can book Michael for one to one lessons to help you get started and improved your own meditation practice. Lessons can be done via Zoom or face to face (socially distancing allowing). One to one lessons are perfect for people with social anxiety or who have trouble finding the time to travel to a venue.

One to one lessons are £20 per hour with discounts available for Turtle Zone members or bulk bookings. Group courses start from £60 when available. Join our Meditation with Michael Facebook group for updates.

If you have any questions please email

Getting Started with Meditation and Mindfulness

This 5-week course is designed to gently guide you through the first steps of introducing meditation and mindfulness into your life. 

Meditation is becoming more and more recognised as a vital tool for modern life. Daily stresses, anxiety, financial stress, workplace pressure, increasing health issues of the modern world all are contributing to a looming mental health crisis. Now is the perfect time to learn this valuable skill. 

Anyone can learn to meditate, and our ‘Getting started with Meditation and Mindfulness’ course is perfect for those who want to get started or for those who have tried it but struggled to get going.

For regular updates on upcoming lessons and offers please join the Meditation with Michael Facebook Group. 

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