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Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy

I came to Jackie by recommendation with a healthy cynicism and at a low ebb believing I had no control over my anxieties. I left Jackie calmer, happier and having gained more understanding and control. I would happily recommend Jackie and only wish I had found her years ago! Rachel, Designer.


Jackie Bland DFSH NCH(reg) DipBsoM

Jackie is available at The Pod every Wednesday - Book here

You can also attend sessions with Jackie in her home in Hamerton, email to book. 

Zoom and phone sessions are also available. 

As with everything at Pure Turtle, our psychotherapy services are based on the principle of kindness – in this case, kindness to yourself.

When we experience problems we can be very unkind and unforgiving to ourselves, whether that’s a stress-based problem or a performance issue of some kind. We feel as if we should be able to cope alone, to sort everything out. This feeling, and the frustration that builds up on top of it, simply makes any problems worse.

Life today, in an increasingly frenzied society, doesn’t help. We pile up lists of things to do, things we feel we should do, trying to please other people, trying to meet standards and targets…

In our attempts to keep it all going we often put the needs of our own minds and bodies last. Even when, deep down, we know it’s too much, that we should stop, we press the ‘delete’ key on our body’s attempts to warn us that we have unmet needs, and we carry on building up problems for our physical and mental health.


Pause, review and move forwards

At Pure Turtle, we help you to pause, review, and then move forward. The process, which is relaxing and informal, enables you to talk freely, be yourself with no judgement, calmly identify what you need or want to do, and then to move forward in achievable steps. If you want to (and most clients do) we support your journey to improvement with hypnotherapy, a deeply relaxing process that accelerates change by harnessing the power of your subconscious mind to embed changes and introduce new ways of thinking. It’s also a great process for ‘letting go’ of anything from the past that is intruding on your day to day life.

Jackie had careers as a professional writer, and national charity CEO, before changing career direction. She is at home with workplace issues at every level as well as offering a deep understanding of personal and relationship issues.

Sessions are offered at her comfortable and restful therapy room in Northamptonshire, or at your home/other venues via arrangement.

For clients further away, It is also possible to arrange telephone support or Facetime/Skype.

If you like the sound of this type of support but have questions or need more information you are warmly welcomed to get in contact with us, please email to get in touch.


Pure Turtle Psychotherapy services

Be kind to yourself

When you come to us for psychotherapy you’ll spend time in partnership with our qualified NCH registered therapist Jackie Bland working to bring about changes and improvements in your life. We aim to make this a positive, uplifting and productive experience for you.


You might want to feel calmer, less stressed, more confident or more motivated. You might want to achieve more in work or in your chosen sport. Some people seek psychotherapy to help make decisions, improve or end relationships or to create something new in their lives.

Sometimes people seek therapy simply because they are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start improving things.

I can help if you are experiencing:

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Food/eating/weight issues

  • Relationship issues both personal and professional

  • Confidence/self esteem issues

  • Trauma

  • Motivation issues

  • Fears and phobias

  • Parenting issues.

I also offer hypnobirthing sessions and help with decision-making and goal setting. 

There are many types of psychotherapy and many kinds of therapist; the important thing is to find a therapist who suits you and who can help you achieve results quickly. Here at Pure Turtle, Jackie offers a mixture of talk therapy, hypnotherapy, deep relaxation and mindfulness.

In addition, for leaders and managers who are experiencing stress through their work, she combines these therapies with leadership and workplace mentoring, based on her 30 years experience in leadership and management.

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