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Ever had a massage? No? Why not?

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

By Jackie Bland

I was reflecting recently how lucky I am at Pure Turtle to just book a massage whenever I like. This is one of the benefits of having massage therapist Michael Scott on board with us as we develop our mission to improve people’s health and happiness.

I realised that I was well into my adult life before I even experienced my first massage. I had liked the idea for a long time, but I had too many doubts, questions and inhibitions to take the first step to find and book a therapist.

So, after my most recent massage, in which Michael quickly eased away my stiff neck/back/shoulder problem, and left me both relaxed and re-energised, I thought I’d write a blog for anyone who’d quite like a massage, but is put off by the unknowns.

Massage is not just good for helping you relax. Studies have shown that regular massage has health benefits way beyond just relaxing. It is known that massage improves your mood by releasing cortisol (the stress hormone) from your body, encourages healthy digestion, boosts your immune system, reduces anxiety, reduces blood pressure, aids recovery from injury as well as preventing injury, aids better sleep, improves circulation, increases mobility and increases serotonin production (the happy hormone), there are many more benefits I haven't listed but if that isn't enough to convince you then I don't know what will!

First, booking. It’s easy. Phone calls are best, and you can explain as much or as little of what you are looking for from a massage. If you prefer to book via e-mail or Facebook, that’s easy too and Michael will arrange an appointment to suit you.

If you aren’t sure what sort of massage you’d like (could be anything from back and shoulders, Thai back massage to full body Swedish Massage) Michael will talk you through each to help you decide.

If you really aren’t sure, or feel a little shy then a back and shoulder massage is a great starting point. Your massage takes place on a specially designed luxury massage table, which is very soft and supportive, enabling you to relax quickly. The table has a specially designed face cradle, so that lying face down is easy and comfortable.

Your massage can take place either at Michael’s massage studio in Warmington, a light, calming space which is totally private, or alternatively in the comfort of your own home.

Some people like the idea of going somewhere to get away from it all and have a relaxing, blissful massage somewhere far removed from day to day concerns, whilst others like the idea of a massage at home where you can continue to relax afterwards in the comfort of your own living space.

Either way, Your massage starts with a warm welcome at Michael’s studio.

After a short consultation to make sure there are no health reasons the massage shouldn’t go ahead, (e.g. if you have any particular complaints that might influence how the massage goes - like back pain, or even ticklish feet!)

Michael talks you through the whole massage so that you know what to expect. This covers the techniques used and even how the towels will be draped to cover your body and make you feel confident and comfortable all the way through.

You are then given some time on your own to prepare and make yourself comfortable on the massage table under the soft blanket.

If you like, the massage can start with some guided breathing techniques so you are already starting to feel relaxed before the therapy begins.

Throughout the massage Michael checks if you are warm enough or if the pressure is OK and always has a glass of water on hand as receiving a massage can be thirsty work!

The massage oil is Michael’s own concoction of carrier oil and lavender which is excellent for the skin as well as smelling beautiful, Lavender is known to be very relaxing.

After the massage you have time to just relax on the massage couch and slowly bring yourself back from deep relaxation into the real world. When you are ready Michael again leaves the room so you can get yourself ready to leave.

Michael will check that you are OK and make a note of any feedback and any requests for future massage – right down to the type of music you prefer.

Hopefully, if you are one of those people who quite like the sound of massage but feel shy about taking the first step, this helps to reassure you. More and more research is showing the huge benefits of massage on our overall health – it really isn’t worth missing out simply through fear of stepping into the unknown.

All enquiries welcome!

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