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Welcome to Pure Turtle!

Updated: May 28, 2019

This blog post is to help you understand who we are, what we want to achieve and how we are going to do it.....

We love turtles!

Welcome to Pure Turtle…

So glad you found us!

We’re in the early stages of our development and thinking here at Pure Turtle, exploring ways of explaining what we want to do and actually working out ways of doing it. We hope you’ll be interested enough to travel along with us as we develop.

So what are we all about?

Well, our business is kindness.

Which for us is a bit more than just doing business kindly.

We’ve set out to make kindness our product, and our success will be measured in how kind we’ve been.

Sometimes in going about our business we’ll generate income ( as everyone hopes and needs to), but just as often our business will be to simply act kindly, give kindly, and do our bit, however we can, to create a kinder world.

Every time we are kind our business is successful!

What do we mean by kindness?

We want to show kindness in ethical, generous and considerate behaviour, towards other people and our planet. We want to recognise the importance of people being kind to themselves.

Our aim is to use every moment, every opportunity as a space to be kind in.

We are taking our own particular skills, interests, talents and time and offering them in a way that challenges us to offer more compassion, care, thought and positive action for the benefit of the people in the world around us.

It is easy to dismiss talk of kindness as soft or idealistic, but there is a whole body of research that shows that it is kindness that really matters to people:

- Kindness promotes health and longer life

- The best leaders are kind leaders

- Kindness is a top quality we look for when choosing a partner

- “Kind” workplaces are valued most highly by employees

- Kinder people are happier people

- Kindness works!

And what are we actually doing?

We are enjoying identifying, learning about and sourcing products that have been created with kindness in mind all the way through their production process. Our list of products will grow as we find and meet producers who are offering kinder products to the world.

We are making sure that as many people as possible can access our therapeutic and mentoring services, reaching out to give people confidence that the challenge or issue they face can be addressed in a way that finds the solution and allows them to move on. We intend to show more and more people that to be successful and content they have to be kind to themselves, to give themselves the opportunity to be the best version of themselves and achieve what they want to from life, their work life and home/personal life.

We depend on people prepared to inspire, lead, decide, take responsibility, plan ahead and manage. It’s a job that can be stressful, and can be lonely. As we become more pressured and stressed we can inadvertently lose our inherent human instinct to be kind and to act kindly. And yet, at the same time, research shows that kinder leaders are better leaders.

Organisations with kindness at their heart are more successful, retaining employees, customers and market success. At Pure Turtle, our own CEO with 30 years personal experience of Directorate and CEO roles offers mentorship and support to CEO’s in companies across all sectors. Leaders are encouraged to take time, to first be kind to themselves in their difficult role and then look with fresh eyes at the issues they face.

Kindness to people across the world

It’s easy to become immersed in your own little corner of the world and to forget how far we can offer our skills and our gifts if we just try a little.

Pure Turtle reaches out in three areas:

We support Wellfound, a small charity which works in unique and creative ways to bring a water supply to remote African villages in Guinea Bassau and Sierra Leone where no water supply previously existed. Wellfound works with rather than for the villages, doing grass-roots development work to empower whole communities to become healthier and create sustainable food supplies and incomes.

We run a Well-Being Group for women on Mondays where all the proceeds go to support Wellfound and we support the charity’s leadership with mentoring and encouragement to continue their amazing work.

Rainforest Rescue - we have chosen to support this charity’s project to protect loggerhead turtles on the coast of Costa Rica

Refugee Aid - We organise our village collection for the refugee charity Christian Aid each year.

We want to communicate the things we care about, the things we’re excited to discover, and most importantly information and knowledge that helps people be kind to each other, themselves, and the planet. We’ll blog, post on social media, and we hope, publish the odd e-book on kindness, well-being (personal and workplace), leadership, sustainable products….and maybe even turtles.

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