Athletes and sports players have long recognised the value of hypnotherapy in maximising their skills and performance. 


Whether it's the build up to a competition or refining or correcting an aspect of a skill, your mind plays a huge part in how successful you will be.

Sometimes we need to work on making sure that you really have a 'success mindset', believing that you really can improve or win. Sometimes unconscious or repetitive doubts and fears can undermine your performance  and progress.


We also work with athletes and players who want to improve in quite precise ways. It may be a recurring problem that you can't quite overcome, for example, martial arts moves or sequences that won't quite come right, or a golf swing! Or it may be that you want to embed a race strategy or a competition routine/plan in your mind in a way that will make it automatic when you take part in important events.


We can work with your mind to make sure that it fully supports all the training and preparation you are doing in your skill/sport, setting goals for improvement, using repetition to support your thought processes, (just as you would use repetition to refine your physical skills) and we can use the powerful visualisation in hypnotherapy to create the attitude and beliefs that make for success.

Better your Sports Performance