If you feel you suffer from low self-confidence then this is the option for you. Confidence is a state of mind and body, not something you just have or don't have.


In this programme, Jackie will help you to identify which areas you feel confident in and which you don’t. Some people think they have a general lack of confidence, others may feel confident at home, for example, but not at work.  Or you may feel fine when talking one-one or in small groups, but freeze when you have to address a larger group or perform. Or maybe you feel you’d perform better in your sport/art if you had more inner confidence.


Jackie will work with you to help you see that lack of confidence is frequently a fear of something that isn’t even there and work with you to overcome that fear so that you see both yourself and situations differently.  As you work through these sessions you’ll observe how you become a more confident person step by step, and as you become more confident you’ll find yourself starting to take actions that improve your life further - thus making you feel even more confident!


You may want the confidence to speak in public, take an exam or attend an interview or to take the next step in your sport or hobby. These sessions can focus on any of these areas. Addressing confidence in this way has changed the lives of many, including Pure Turtle's own meditation teacher Michael. You can read his story here: www.pureturtle.co.uk/post/the-new-man-in-the-mirror

Confidence Programme