If you find the build up to exams and tests particularly stressful then we can help you with techniques to get you back in control and able to perform to the best of your ability when it matters.


The key to being successful in any test situation is to bring fear under control. Our brains can treat situations where we are under scrutiny, or where we need to perform, in the same way as they would approach a threat to our survival! This means we can end up with a beating heart, sweaty palms, shallow breathing, a tight stomach and a foggy, forgetful mind just when we most need calm, clear focus and quiet confidence.


We can train our minds and bodies to enter test situations in a different way by first understanding what flips us into stress and panic and then learning simple techniques and deep relaxation to create a sense of calm and control whatever form the test or exam may take.


After working or studying hard you deserve to get the results which reflect your true ability and we aim to help you to do just that.

Exam Stress Programme