When you are experiencing anxiety it can be incredibly tough to start the process of doing something about it. For many, just the thought of meeting a stranger can fill their mind with the 'fog of anxiety' and can be enough to stop them going through with getting the support they want. We understand this here at Pure Turtle so we have come up with our 'Gentle walk out of Anxiety' package.


I (Michael) am trained and registered with the British School of Meditation and I have studied the effects of anxiety on the brain and have spent years helping people understand anxiety and giving them the tools to take back control. 


This package is designed to help you take small but effective steps to your freedom from anxiety using meditation and it goes like this...


Step 1 - I will meet you at a location of your choosing for an introduction. Here you will get to meet me at a place you feel comfortable and just have an easy 5-10 minute chat before going our separate ways. This is to take the pressure off the first meeting and begin to build trust between us. 


Step 2 - This time I will meet you for a longer chat, again somewhere you are comfortable, maybe somewhere for a walk, or a coffee at a cafe etc where you can just chat and ease into feeling more comfortable and less anxious as you are no longer meeting a stranger. During this chat we can discuss the causes of your anxiety and if we have time, try a breathing exercise so you can get an idea of the power of your breath. 


Step 3 - Now you are comfortable with me and have had plently of time to chat and ask any questions you can book your first meditation lesson where I will teach you why you feel the way you do when anxious, how to recognise it within you and give you the first stage of your meditation lessons, taking the first step on your journey to freedom from your anxiety*


*Whilst mediation has been prvoen to be very effective against stress and anxiety, it's effects can vary from person to person and it is in no way guaranteed or considered a 'cure' for anxiety. Some people will feel the benefits immediatly, others may take longer. During our lessons we will assess your progress and adapt the learning to suit you so that you get the most out of them and whilst it may not cure your anxiety it can teach you to control it, reduce it's power over you, make your anxiety manageable and allow you to carry on your life without it holding you back. 

Gentle Walk Out of Anxiety with Meditation Package.