Our Hypnobirthing programme is a great way to prepare for the birth of your baby. 

During your three 2 hour sessions you'll learn how your body is perfectly designed to give birth. We’ll go through the best ways to look forward to and prepare for birth and what you can do to ensure that childbirth is as natural as possible for you. You’ll learn techniques for calming both mind and body - and baby as well!  To make sure that each session helps you to deeply relax, we will finish each week with a hypnotherapy experience designed to prepare you for your baby’s birth.


Sessions are personalised to your individual circumstances, so you will have plenty of time to ask questions, work through anything that worries you and go over anything that you don’t understand.


Jackie Bland is a qualified hypnotherapist and hypnobirthing practitioner and loves to prepare you for a joyful experience giving birth.

Hypnobirthing sessions can take place at Pure Turtle’s therapy room in Warmington or in your own home by arrangement. If you are planning to have a partner/birth partner with you when you give birth then we’d encourage them to come along as well, but you are equally welcome to come along on your own.

Hypnobirthing Programme