Saturday 26th June is our ‘Unwind and Enjoy’ day. 


We will use this day to make a break from the worst of lockdown and get our bodies and minds to relax.


We’ve planned gentle easy activities for relaxing and letting go, and we’ll spend some time understanding the importance of relaxing both physically and mentally and how both are necessary.


As we’ll be surrounded by the peace and tranquility of Lamport Hall gardens and grounds we’ll spend as much time as we can outside, reminding ourselves how therapeutic nature and outdoors can be and trying out some ‘ecotherapy’.


Before we have a fresh and tasty health-giving lunch together we’ll take a look at food and its effects on mood and general well being and explore ways of enjoying food without feeling guilty or constantly worried about it .


You will also have plenty of free time to reflect, enjoy the stunning gardens and woodlands of Lamport Hall.


Jackie and Michael from Pure Turtle will be available all day to answer any queries or for quiet chats around the gardens. 

26th June 2021 Lamport Hall Wellbeing Day