Sunday 2nd May is our ‘Spring Forward’ day when we’ll focus on how we will improve mental and physical wellbeing as we plan a return to some kind of normal over the months ahead.


We’ll take a deeper dive into stress and anxiety and focus on practical techniques and activities that can help leave behind old stresses and manage stress and anxiety in the future.


Again, we’ll spend as much time as we can outdoors in our beautiful relaxing surroundings, reminding ourselves that reconnection with nature is a vital element of true wellbeing. 


Before lunch we’ll look at eating habits and patterns that can contribute to anxiety specifically and explore ways in which we can plan eating to counteract this. We’ll provide a delicious and nutritious home-made lunch and time for informal discussion. 


If we are lucky, we are told, we will get to see a hot air balloon take off from the grounds at the end of the day. 

27th June Lamport Hall Wellbeing Day