Low self-esteem can feel like a prison holding you back from what you feel you could truly be. Many people with low self-esteem end up stuck. It’s that feeling of yearning for more love and respect but feeling unable to love and respect yourself, or finding it hard to believe that you are worthy of the good things in life. 


Low self-esteem can lead to problems in finding or holding onto relationships both in the workplace and personally, which can then make things feel hopeless. 


 In your Self-esteem sessions, we’ll work with you to turn all this around, helping you to see your true value and potential and supporting you as you take decisions which demonstrate your self-worth and potential both to yourself and others.

We’ll examine where your feelings of low self-worth have come from and show you how they are often simply unhelpful thought processes that can be changed. Together, we’ll explore techniques that work for you personally to help change those limiting thoughts and feelings.

In each session, you’ll also be able to experience deep, calming relaxation as we embed and strengthen the changes we are making through hypnotherapy.

Self-Esteem Programme