We tend to think of weight and shape and condition issues in very physical terms - after all we are trying to change something that we can feel and see in the mirror. 

The problem is that the things we so often try - special diets and eating programmes, workouts and exercises - don’t work unless we get our mindset right. We have to line up what we want to achieve with how we feel about ourselves. 


We have to have a clear picture of what we want to change: 

- What shape and size do you want to be? 

- How do you want to feel as you go about your life as this best version of yourself?

- What will it feel like to be successful?

- What do you intend to do/achieve once you have achieved the shape, size and condition you want?


Once we have worked to get your mindset right, then we have already begun to create that new version of you, because you believe in yourself! 

It is as a more sure and confident person that you should set goals around shape, size and condition because you are then in a much better position to be strong, determined and successful as you bring about the changes in your eating and exercising habits that create the body that you want.

To keep you on track you’ll be supported all the way and we’ll accelerate your progress through deeply relaxing hypnotherapy during each session.

Weight & Shape Programme