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Unwind and Enjoy Day
26th June 2021

Spring Forward from Anxiety 
27th June 2021

Pure Turtle Retreats run all year round and each one has an underlying theme of health and wellbeing. Incorporating elements of our core services such as meditation, mindfulness, hypnotherapy and mentoring we combine our skills and knowledge to create wellness days to help you be the best version of you.  

We focus on different elements in each retreat, so for example we might tackle stress, anxiety, relationships with food, work issues, personal growth or life goals. We don't just talk, each retreat gives you plenty of opportunities to experience and 'do', whether that's gentle yoga stretches, relaxing and walking in beautiful places, enjoying some tasty food or learning new techniques to support your mood in everyday life.

Within each retreat, we will reinforce what we believe are the fundamentals of healthy living. Good food, regular movement and a good understanding of what the human body needs and how each element has a direct effect on our mood, our physical wellbeing and our ability to function. 


We will show you how these fundamentals fit into the topic of the retreat and we'll support you in implementing that new knowledge into your life.


Our aim is for you to feel better and BETTER!


We also want to listen, so if there is an issue you'd like to deal with by getting away for a day or more, or if you are a group of six or more who would like your own retreat then please get in contact to explore what is possible.

See below for our upcoming retreat days - if you cannot make these days please email michael@pureturtle.co.uk and register your interest and we will email you when we book the next dates. 

A quiet, relaxed, focused day set in the exquisite setting and tranquil gardens of Lamport Hall.


This is a day to shake off the tension and stresses of the past few months (or even longer) and focus on yourself and gathering together new energy to move forward.

We will use this day to make a break from the worst of lockdown and get our bodies and minds to relax.

We’ve planned gentle easy activities for relaxing and letting go, and we’ll spend some time understanding the importance of relaxing both physically and mentally and how both are necessary.

As we’ll be surrounded by the peace and tranquillity of Lamport Hall gardens and grounds we’ll spend as much time as we can outside, reminding ourselves how therapeutic nature and outdoors can be and trying out some ‘ecotherapy’.

We'll do some gentle yoga to get our bodies moving and show how easy it can be to get our heart rate up.

Before we have a fresh and tasty health-giving lunch together we’ll take a look at food and its effects on mood and general well being and explore ways of enjoying food without feeling guilty or constantly worried about it.

You will also have plenty of free time to reflect, enjoy the stunning gardens and woodlands of Lamport Hall.


Jackie and Michael from Pure Turtle will be available all day to answer any queries or for quiet chats around the gardens. 

Places are £85pp - to book click here...

A day focused on coping with anxiety, set in the tranquil gardens of Lamport Hall in the Northamptonshire countryside.


This day will be incredibly calming and relaxing, limited to 6 people so as not to be overwhelming. We will teach you to understand what anxiety is, how it affects you and those around you and we will give you the tools to start your journey to controlling your anxiety. 


On our ‘Spring Forward’ day, we’ll focus on how we can improve mental and physical wellbeing as we plan a return to some kind of normal over the months ahead.


We’ll take a deeper dive into stress and anxiety and focus on practical techniques and activities that can help leave behind old stresses and manage stress and anxiety in the future. Again, we’ll spend as much time as we can outdoors in our beautiful relaxing surroundings, reminding ourselves that reconnection with nature is a vital element of true wellbeing. We'll do some gentle yoga to get our bodies and minds into a healthy and happy state.

Before lunch, we’ll look at eating habits and patterns that can contribute to anxiety specifically and explore ways in which we can plan eating to counteract this. We’ll provide a delicious and nutritious homemade lunch and time for informal discussion. 

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Special Offer

Book both days at Lamport Hall for £150. Saving £20 instead of booking them individually. To take advantage of this please book by clicking this link...

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