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 We see concerns flashing up everywhere about the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people.

Over the last 18 months, our younger generations have had to face enormous challenges, they have lost out on education, been deprived of opportunities for development,  and had to endure fear and emotional upheavals that they did nothing to create.

We want to increase the ways in which our services can help children and young people move on from this past year, which is why we are delighted to welcome Sarah Schofield ‘The Holistic Teacher’ to the Pure Turtle Wellbeing team.


Sarah is passionate about educating children and young people in ways that recognise their individuality and build their personal confidence. An experienced primary school teacher, Sarah has worked with children from diverse backgrounds and a range of abilities. 

Sarah is trained as a SENCO (Special Needs Co-Ordinator) and has worked with children and young adults with special needs, from those needing 24-hour support to those who struggle with things like ADHD, ASD.

Sarah also works with children who just need a different style of teaching other than the 'set' classroom style.

Sarah is passionate about helping our children and young people overcome any lasting effects of the past disruptive year of learning. She understands the effect that loss of classroom time, lack of support and lack of peer to peer interaction can have on developing young minds. She is able to adapt to your child's style of learning, always looking for ways in which they can better understand.

 Sarah's sessions enable children to understand the core material whilst encouraging healthy attitudes towards life, food, exercise, mindful thinking, generosity, kindness and personal growth. 


Sarah offers 1-2-1 or small group lessons after school and on weekends. Professional teaching to help children (and parents of children) who need extra support, both with curriculum and holistically. 

Sarah is also available for 1-1 private mentoring support for teaching staff experiencing challenges with practical aspects of planning and delivery.

Due to the nature of our services, finding replacement bookings is difficult and time-consuming, therefore any cancellation of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, tutoring, group lessons, social events, retreats, meditation or massage appointments will be charged in full (excepting for extreme circumstances in which case the fee may be waived at Pure Turtles discretion)

Please click here for the terms and conditions and the full cancellation policy

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