Since Covid and the lockdown, there has been an increase in demand for mental health services, especially for many children who have either fallen behind in their studies or have developed a fear of the outdoors or their peer's dues to overexposure to the information surrounding Covid and its effects. 

We feel that this current generation of children will need much more support than previous generations, not only in catching up but in learning to manage the anxieties that have developed during the lockdown periods.

This is why we have teamed up with Sarah Schofield - 'The Holistic Teacher'. Sarah is a primary school teacher who has worked with children from all walks of life. She has trained as a SENCO (Special Needs Co-Ordinator) and has worked with children and young adults with special needs, from those needing 24-hour support to those who struggle with ADHD, ASD and children who just need a different style of teaching. Sarah is a teacher who will adapt to your child's style of learning, not try to force them to learn in a way they cannot understand. 

Sarah offers 1-2-1 or small group lessons after school. Professional teaching to help children (and parents of children) who need extra support, both curriculum and holistically. Sarah's lessons help children understand the core material whilst encouraging healthy attitudes towards life, food, exercise, mindful thinking, generosity, kindness and personal growth. 

Sarah's lessons can take place locally in your own home, in the Kettering/Wellingborough and surrounding areas - or remotely via zoom.

Individual lessons are £30/p/h

Groups of 3 or more are £55p/h

Arrangements can be made for bulk bookings - please email or visit 

for more information or to make a booking. 

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