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Donashello and Meshelle

Our stories about the adventures of Donashello and Meshelle came about as part of our work with primary school children. We were invited to attend schools and help teach the children (and the teachers) about mindfulness and techniques for coping with stressful or difficult situations. As we worked on how to encourage the children to give it a try we came up with Turtle Time.


A fun, engaging and effective way to bring the concept of mindfulness to young minds, as part of this we introduced our friendly turtles, Donashello and Meshelle and the children loved them, so much so we decided to make these videos for children to watch. The stories are fun as well as relatable for young minds and they get to have a go at Turtle Time whilst they watch them.


You can download and keep them for free so you can play them for your children and often and they like or need. We will add more stories here so check back regularly for new episodes. 

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