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We'd like to begin by asking you three questions...

 - Are you as healthy as you'd like to be?

 - Are you as happy as you want to be?

 - Do you have a grip on your overall wellbeing?

If I'm not sure', 'maybe' or 'No' is the answer to any of these questions, we are here to help and support you. 

Jackie Bland

Psychotherapist - Hypnotherapist

Leadership Mentor 


Michael Scott

Meditation Teacher - Massage Therapist - Development Director

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Jackie and Michael.

Pure Turtle Covid-19 Policy


Due to the nature of our work, we feel that our services are needed more than ever so Pure Turtle will offer services on-line, but where clients need treatments for distress, anxiety or depression in these difficult times we will continue to offer support and services in COVID secure environments. 


For clients attending our premises, the following policy has been put in place to protect clients and staff alike. All clients will continue to use the separate entrance to the therapy room.


1 - If you have any symptoms associated with COVID-19 please do not come into the office, please either re-arrange your session till after the symptoms have stopped and you have passed a COVID test or have your session via online video chat.

2 - All surfaces, handles, glassware will be cleaned before and after sessions. Soft furnishings will be changed and washed between clients, the room will be ventilated and social distancing will be in place. 

3 - Hand sanitiser is available when you arrive and leave. And there is a QR track and trace code in the entrance hall


Support groups

Support groups including the meditation lessons will continue to operate in safe, COVID  compliant venues. All chairs are sanitised before and after use and social distancing will be maintained. Hand sanitiser is available and the room will be ventilated. If you have any symptoms related to COVID then please do not attend the class. 

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