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Banana Wholemeal Sandwich

It might seem too simple to include, but we all need a ‘go-to’ option when we are feeling lazy but don’t want to default to something ‘bad’ for us. If you choose wholemeal bread with soya and linseed (available in supermarkets), it can be up to 60% lower in carbohydrates than ordinary wholemeal. The seeds add protein and essential oils. The banana delivers fibre, vitamins, minerals and energy. And it tastes satisfyingly sweet!



- 1-2 bananas

- Wholemeal bread




- Mash a ripe banana and spread evenly over a slice of bread. - Top with another slice of bread, or eat an an ‘open’ sandwich if you need less bread.


Mashing instead of slicing the banana gives the filling a creamier texture, meaning you won't need butter/spread

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