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This Pure Turtle Recipe section is exactly what it appears to be - a collection of a few recipes that encourage you to eat in ways that feed your body and mind with what they need to function well.


If you find it useful that’s fantastic! 


If you want something glossier, weightier and more scientific then the world is full of the most incredibly, beautifully prepared and published food/cookery/eating books/websites, some of which may change your life. 

We are thankful to the authors of many such books that we have read or just dipped into. Many of their ideas and approaches have informed what is included here and the ways in which we now support people around food with our materials and therapies.


This idea of collecting together our own recipes came about as a result of a Wellbeing Group we started some years ago. The aim of the group was to help and support people to love and look after themselves in ways that really did improve their health - a kind of step away from the theory and into the day to day practicalities of ‘well-being’. 


We called the group ‘Amazing Wellbeing’ and we had a lot of fun. We also raised money for wells in areas of the world without a water supply.


We didn’t just look at food, we looked at down to earth, fun and practical ways of getting our bodies to move (think bouncy plastic beach balls…) and our hearts to beat faster; we learned how to calm it all down and relax deeply to boost immune systems and dissipate stress through different relaxation practices…


...and then we ate.


Each week we researched and sourced and put a new spin on some foodstuffs that were nice-but-not naughty that looked great, had health-giving properties and were easy enough to prepare, and each week we left the recipe out so that anyone who might want to make it at home could do just that.


Pure_Turtle TAG RGB-03_edited.png

The whole thing turned out to be a winning formula, and every meeting of ‘Amazing Wellbeing’ ended up with everyone feeling…really well. 


And loving the food.


Then the requests for a collection of recipes started. As Jackie is a psychotherapist and mindfulness/wellbeing teacher who only set off to get people to think about health/food in different ways, the idea of suddenly being seen as a recipe producer was very funny.


She assured her group that there were plenty of recipe books out there already, that she did not have the necessary credentials to be a food writer, and anyway she would just be adding Pure Turtle stuff to an already saturated market.


They weren’t convinced and continued to ask. They wanted the recipes and ideas we explored to be drawn together in an easily accessible format. we are. We are still not food writers and there are still not that many recipes but we have listened and tried to produce what we think it is that people are asking for. We’ll keep adding recipes to the Turtle Zone and our newsletter, and we’d love to hear how you get on with them via our Facebook page or email us!


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