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We are a company with one value - Kindness

A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions - Amelia Earhart

How Kindness Works

We all know what kindness is and how it feels to receive kindness from others; nearly everyone understands what it means to be kind and recognises the uplift we feel when we enact a random act of kindness.

But we believe it goes further than that. The way we relate to other people and our environment determines everything that happens to us both personally and professionally, whether that’s at the level of Governing bodies or in preschool playrooms. The quality of our relationships and our attitudes to the living world around us determines whether we successfully weather life’s challenges or not.

Kindness then, as a philosophy for relating to others and the wider world, sets the foundation for our health and well being, our productivity and our own innate sense of value. 


Viewed like this, kindness is not something soft, weak and squishy but a powerful force, and when exercised, an inexhaustible energy for shaping life.

'No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted'

We love the simplicity of approaching our business strategy with kindness at its core. We can measure our success, primarily from the amount of kindness we succeed in generating or supporting, whether that’s our chosen charities, or the leaders we help along their life’s journeys through mentoring, or our clients, or the school communities we work with. Or we might measure in the way in which we treat ourselves - with self-respect, gratitude and appreciation for being given the gift of a human body/mind during this period of human transition and development. Our business only needs one value - kindness - and our working practices and policies can be driven by the kindest approaches and choices.


In bringing kindness up our own agenda, to the point that it becomes our central aim, we have found that to do this is to be part of a quiet movement of others, gradually bringing the language of kindness into the workplace and the centre of society. In searching, we found an encouraging number of other businesses, some much larger than we are, across the world focusing on kindness first and flourishing, and authors, leaders and researchers who are building a strong body of evidence for kindness being the route to success in all aspects of life.


To talk about kindness in many environments risks being ridiculed, or being accused of being ‘lightweight’. For us this just emphasises the importance of being able, like the turtle, to stick our necks out and show that kindness is the strongest force we have to work with.

What research shows

Research has shown that experiencing kindness is fundamental to our happiness, health and wellbeing and the success of our relationships.

  • Experience of kindness promotes better health and longer life

  • Kind people attract partners more easily

  • Experiencing kindness creates greater happiness

  • The most popular and effective leaders embody kindness in their organisations

  • People work better in a kind environment

  • People who are kind to themselves have higher self-esteem and success in life


All our activities and services are screened to ensure that they have been developed or made as thoughtfully as possible. As far as we can we make sure that all we offer:

  • Preserves and benefits our natural environment 

  • Cares for, nurtures and encourages the people we share our world with

  • Supports kindness, respect and health-giving approaches to ourselves


How do we do it?
Pure_Turtle TAG RGB-03.png
 A brief word about what we won’t do


It isn't our business to campaign against things, to judge other people or organisations for perceived unkindness or anything else. There are other organisations that have this as their mission.

Instead, we celebrate and promote success in moving forward, highlight small and large acts of kindness and initiatives which make for a kinder planet to live on.

Why ‘Pure Turtle’ 

Sea turtles might seem a long way from us here in our far-from-the-sea English home, but for us, the images of these amazing sea creatures battling to survive in an ocean of plastic waste sum up the unkind and unthinking world we have become. Turtles, like everything in nature - including people - should be able to live free of pollution and interference, harmoniously in balance with the planet. ‘Pure Turtle’ sums this up for us...and anyway - we really like it!

Pure_Turtle TAG RGB-03.png

Our advice, guidance and health services

We offer a range of services to help you make the most of life, at home and in the workplace. Each of our services aims to promote or support our core values - kindness to our planet, other people, and ourselves.

Our information and sharing

We really appreciate it when people share our message and use our services and support what we do. We want to do the same for others.

We’ll provide information, highlight research, create articles and congratulate anyone who shares our goals. 

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