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'Jackie made me feel very welcome, comfortable and safe. She explained how she could help me, through hypnotherapy, to create new brain pathways to overcome my anxiety, and once my anxiety was under control, I'd be able to drive. When the time came to either walk away and come back for a first treatment or stay and be treated, I opted for the latter on the basis that I'd only worry about what was to come between then and the next appointment. I'm glad I stayed because from that very first treatment my life, and that of my husband has been transformed. I've bought into the fact that, through hypnotherapy, I can take control of my anxiety but, to achieve continual benefits, hypnotherapy has to be entrenched in my everyday life. Hypnotherapy sounds scary; it isn't - it's amazing and I'm living proof that it works.' - Lesley


'Jackie has excellent communication skills and has proven skills and insight into the needs of others and has demonstrated, to me, an ability to work in a most sensitive, empathetic and positive manner which I have found to be invaluable. I have never found her to be judgemental in her dealings.' - Joan

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Thoroughly enjoyed my treatment.

Michael was very professional (all certificates and insurance documents were available for me to see).

He communicated clearly and promptly when booking the appointment. He arrived well prepared and was quick to set up his equipment.

Throughout the treatment Michael put me at ease, he regularly asked if I was happy with how the massage was and was keen for me to be honest and give instant feedback so he could adapt his style to suit my needs(focusing on problem areas)

The treatment was incredibly relaxing. Michael ensured he informed me what area he was going to work on next and ensured I was kept warm and comfortable at all times! The massage oil used was really lovely, it smelt gorgeous and my skin feels super soft as a result.

Will definitely book in again. Totally relaxed mentally and physically.

Thank you - Georgie

Jackie - Thank you so much for everything you did to make our birthing experience a positive one. Very lucky to have met you.

Jackie - I truly believe I would not have got through the last 3 months without all your help over the past 3 years.

Walking on air after my hour full body massage I just had.

Michael was punctual and professional. The massage was amazing with the perfect amount of pressure.
Lovely relaxing music, couldn't fault the experience at all and will definitely be re-booking :-)

Oh, and my lounge now smells divine! - Sam


Hi Jackie,

Just wanted to let you know I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

We used all your hypnobirthing techniques and they were wonderful. My husband was great at refocusing me with them when I began to feel anxious and we used other tools you showed us.
The doctor was so impressed with his support he said 'I don’t say this often but you were absolutely incredible at being involved and supportive and it’s all down to your hypnobirthing help'. A healthcare worker also said this later to me too!

Thank you so much. I feel like I had such a positive experience. 

Jackie has been a great help to my life in just a few short weeks - she's a highly intuitive therapist, getting to the bottom of any issues, to help heal and mend them, in a relaxing environment. Jayne, lawyer

She has a wonderful calming influence when you feel like your world is erratic and out of control, and she really understands the brain, how it functions and the mind, body relationship. 

Thank you so very, very much for all the help and support you have given us. Things have changed a lot and we are having a wonderful time now. 

I came to Jackie by recommendation with a healthy cynicism and at a low ebb believing I had no control over my anxieties. I left Jackie calmer, happier and having gained more understanding and control. I would happily recommend Jackie and only wish I had found her years ago! Rachel, designer


Having worked in two organisations which were transformed by Jackie’s leadership, I can warmly recommend her as a source of inspiration and sound advice.

Jackie raised my confidence, effectiveness and focus. She makes a wonderful mentor –full of integrity, patience and humour.  Sometimes challenging. Always supportive.

I can’t find the right words to describe her analytical skills but I think they are outstanding.

I recommend Jackie to anyone needing a fresh way of boosting their work, life and leadership skills.

Laura Read OBE

Dear Jackie and Michael
I would like to thank you both for a fantastic day. I did not know what to expect but came with an open mind and I couldn’t have met a nicer group of people. I feel I have really benefited already (thank you Jackie for the walk) and will be my most awesome self and hope to show you this journey and celebrate at a retreat reunion at some point in the not too distant future.
I truly believe you have helped and enhanced a journey I had recently already started so again thank you. Toni

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