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Just because you are a successful leader or manager doesn’t mean that you always

know just what to do, or that, right now, you feel fully capable of doing it.

When this happens, the loneliness of a leadership position can suddenly hit you.

Who do you speak to? Even in the best of workplaces, leadership issues can arise,

personal or professional, where you feel instinctively that you need to connect with

someone who is not a part of your business.


Here at Pure Turtle, we offer kind, pragmatic, confidential support for people in senior

positions. It might be some personal mentoring, help with staffing or strategic matters,

or someone to help you double up on creative thinking. Feeling overwhelmed is common

in leadership positions; help with sorting through priorities and getting everything back

into perspective can have amazing and immediate results.


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Having worked in two organisations which were transformed by Jackie’s leadership, I can warmly recommend her as a source of inspiration and sound advice.

Jackie raised my confidence, effectiveness and focus. She makes a wonderful mentor –full of integrity, patience and humour.  Sometimes challenging. Always supportive.

I can’t find the right words to describe her analytical skills but I think they are outstanding.

I recommend Jackie to anyone needing a fresh way of boosting their work, life and leadership skills.

Laura Read OBE

'There is too little attention given to the importance of kindness in leadership'
- Professor Ariane Antal

Pure Turtle’s Chief Executive Jackie Bland started her career as a newspaper

journalist before spending 30 years in Directorate posts of national and

international organisations, 22 of them as a CEO in the third sector.

Her experience covers a range of disciplines and subject areas,

and she now mentors leaders whose responsibilities range from

large national companies to smaller, locally focused enterprises.

The support you need can be specifically tailored to you as an individual leader,

and even if we identify that it’s just some time out with a focus on relaxation

and self-care, Jackie is well placed to help in this way too,

as a qualified and experienced psychotherapist.

What about employees who are not leaders/managers?

Feeling stuck, powerless or confused at work can be miserable and stressful but you should always believe that things can change.

If you have a workplace issue that you don’t feel you can fix , or that is getting you down, Jackie is very happy to support you in finding a positive way forward.

Kindness in leadership, kindness in the workplace.


This is an area of special interest for us. We believe that making kindness a central value of any business leads to better productivity, effectiveness and profitability. Surveys repeatedly show that kind leaders, kind approaches, kindness between employees creates real value.  Where kindness is the currency in an organisation both employees and customers have a higher level of trust and satisfaction.

In spite of this, active kindness is often overlooked, perhaps as something soft, or an optional extra. Companies may assume that kindness is a part of their culture but it’s rare to find it build in as a key-value, or an expectation upon employees.

'In today’s complex rapidly changing high tech world, kindness in leadership is more important than ever.'
- Katherine Corich

Here at Pure Turtle we are interested in helping companies bring kindness to the fore. To set aims and goals which incorporate the concept of kindness at the heart of their activities.

Kindness benefits both the recipient of the thoughtful act, the kind words, the extra time, and the person who is offering the kindness. When we are kind we feel good, and motivated to be even kinder, and when we receive kindness we also feel good and motivated to pass the kindness on.

Once you get started it isn’t difficult to bring in policies and practices which have kindness at their core, even in a competitive world.

As with all change, it works best to take small steps when you move forward towards a kinder approach, either with your organisation or your personal leadership style. Whether it’s at a strategic or day to day level, we can support you each step of the way, helping you to value and enjoy the process as well as the final result.

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'Kindness certainly contributes to business success, but it is not an easy option and needs wholehearted involvement from the top.'
- John Elliot MBE DL. Executive Chairman Ebac Ltd.
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