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Mindfulness and Meditation

Jackie and Michael are both qualified and accredited meditation and mindfulness teachers here at Pure Turtle, offering online tutoring, 1-1 lessons and group classes to the general public as well as schools, councils and businesses. Our classes, courses and 1-2-1 sessions are held in the following areas - Oundle, Burton Latimer, Kettering, Corby and the surrounding areas. They can also be held across the UK by arrangement, or across the world via Zoom!! 


A healthy life requires that we allow our minds and bodies to enter a calm resting state on a regular basis. This is one of the key ways in which we can be kind to ourselves.

When we are awake we are programmed to be alert, focused, active and reactive. We are basically wired for life, minute by minute, ready to grasp opportunities, plan tasks, analyse events, make conversation, create what we need to and to defend ourselves from actual or perceived harm.

When we have the energy to do this it’s amazing what we can manage and achieve. Human beings are truly magnificent in what they can do when all their energies are focused in the right direction.

The problem is that our natural rhythms are effectively trampled upon when we spend all our waking time in this ‘do’ state. We need time in the alternative state, a state that is often called ‘rest and digest’ or simply deep relaxation.

Some people naturally find their balance. They have an activity, hobby, regular practice or simply a way of being which enables their bodies and minds to enter into this health-giving relaxed state.

But just as many people have lost, or never really develop the ability to truly relax, and this can become a problem that underlies all their problems and issues in life.

When you truly relax your body feels ‘safe’. At a certain stage of relaxation, energy is diverted from keeping you alert, focused and active, and is redirected into vital body processes such as repairing, building up your immune system, and clearing the clutter in your brain. It’s vital that these things happen for you to maintain optimal health as you mature and grow older.

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1-2-1 lessons are £25 and you can book here 

You can join our weekly meditation and wellbeing group by booking your place Here


By ignoring your body’s natural need to relax and let go you can build up a growing ‘health debt’ that can result in poor health and illness, both mental and physical, especially if our other vital healing resource, sleep, is also disturbed.

We can achieve this health-giving relaxation in many ways by becoming completely absorbed in something, like painting or music, where we are still, yet very focused on one thing. Or we can walk out in nature, taking in the peace and all the health-promoting aspects of sun, fresh air and wildlife. We can relax whilst swimming slowly, or floating, or just sitting stroking a pet or staring at something that is pleasing to the eye.

Here at Pure Turtle, we can help you to reconnect with what it means to relax, either by helping you into a blissful state of relaxation through guided meditations that take both your body and mind to a deeply relaxed and peaceful state or by teaching you how to practice mindfulness or meditation in a way that suits you.

Both Jackie and Michael are Diploma qualified Meditation and Mindfulness teachers registered with the British School of Meditation and can offer sessions to suit you or your business, either in person or remotely by arrangement. You can combine meditation with some of our other services like massage, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and our mentoring support.

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