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Workplace Wellbeing

We've worked with thousands of people over 30 years including employees, community groups, psychotherapy and mindfulness clients. Based on this, we have developed our own ‘Pure Turtle’ approaches to wellbeing in the workplace.

People are often confused and overwhelmed with advice and information relating to health and wellbeing. All the ‘should do’s’ and ‘don’t do’s’ and ‘must do’s’’s easy to give up or to be put off trying to achieve greater wellbeing.

We’ve tried to simplify it by putting well being into three easy-to-remember categories.

MOOD - FOOD - MOVEMENT (Mood, Food, Move for short).

We base our advice, our group work, workplace and 1-1 well-being sessions around these three categories, giving everyone an easy launch-pad for health improvement.

Why is it easy? Because we strip away all the complication, all the deep analysis and argument and get you to see yourself as the natural human you are meant to be.

We encourage you to have fun, to get to know yourself better, to explore and experiment with your wellbeing. You feel great while you are learning to feel even greater!

Our sessions help you with simple advice on eating and food, bringing thoughts and ideas about food back to a healthy level.

We help you to see that ‘exercise’ and ‘working out’ and ‘fitness’ can be stressful if you approach them as things you have to do, like duties. We encourage you to try to incorporate natural, enjoyable movement into your life, helping your body back to its very best


We help you to understand your mood. We explore the things that create the thoughts and feelings which influence and sometimes rule your life.

We teach easy-to-learn and fun techniques that help change thoughts and feelings, reduce anxiety and low mood. We help you clear your mind so that you can bring the focus to life that ensures that you can get things done.

Having worked in two organisations which were transformed by Jackie’s leadership, I can warmly recommend her as a source of inspiration and sound advice.

Jackie raised my confidence, effectiveness and focus. She makes a wonderful mentor –full of integrity, patience and humour.  Sometimes challenging. Always supportive.

I can’t find the right words to describe her analytical skills but I think they are outstanding.

I recommend Jackie to anyone needing a fresh way of boosting their work, life and leadership skills.

Laura Read OBE

Start your journey to a more satisfying and enjoyable worklife by booking on our Workplace Mentoring Programme. 

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Wellbeing ‘Surgeries’

We’ve developed the concept of a ‘Wellbeing Surgery’ one example of this is in schools, where teachers, teaching assistants and support staff have the opportunity to discuss any aspect of well-being on a confidential basis. We visit the school for an agreed period of time, perhaps a morning or afternoon and any staff who feel the need can book a confidential 40-minute session aimed at finding a solution to their issue.

Staff can attend either on a 1-1 basis or in small groups if there are several people wanting to discuss the same issue (workload stress, work-life balance, pupil stress etc)

Wellbeing surgeries can be tailored to the needs of your business.

To discuss requirements please feel free to contact Jackie Bland on

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