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Dinner is traditionally the largest meal of the day. We all tend to gather round and have a big hot meal, usually dominated by meat. We chat about our day, or sit watching television, and then spend the next few hours sitting around doing very little activity and then go to bed.

The problem is, if we eat too late and then go to bed it leaves our body with a dilemma, we have lots of ready to go sugars and fats for burning, yet we are at our most sedentary. So, your body does the only thing it can, it stores that energy for another time, and it stores it as fat. 


Ideally, our dinners should be mostly plants and not too big and eaten at least 3-4 hours before we go to bed. Plants give us lots of fibre which is great for our digestive systems and lots of nutrients which our body loves to use to repair itself overnight. 

With this in mind, all our dinner recipes are made to give your body what it needs overnight, whilst at the same time limiting the amount of carbs and sugars that will only go to waste by going to bed shortly after eating. As always we have tried, tested and adapted these recipes to make them as simple and tasty as we can, because we firmly believe that eating healthily doesn't mean it has to be boring and tasteless. 

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