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Our Digital Detox Retreat is a sanctuary that pulls the plug on digital distractions and help you learn to manage your devices when you return to your real life. If you can’t get off social media or find yourself endlessly scrolling rather than sleep, it's time for a digital detox.


This detox retreat won’t just calm your frazzled mind; it offers sweet respite to your body – relaxing your neck, shoulders and fingers, and giving your eyes the chance to rest on genuinely unfiltered vistas. Magic happens at the timeless get-away-from-it-all healing field in Bythorn. We’ll reset your natural circadian rhythm and you’ll remember what it is like living free of technology.


Walking and yoga are included in the retreat along with informative talks, sound baths and massage. Or just go solo and focus on the silence – eat well, sleep deep, meditate, and breathe.


The Healing Field is a space free of digital distractions where you are encouraged to live as we did before devices took over our lives. So, we’ll stash away your phone and trade digital stress for blissful stillness. You’ll leave refreshed and grateful, abuzz with newfound tranquillity and determined to manage your devices better at home.


Unplug and unwind and find space to clear your mind during a two-night stay at the Healing Field in Bythorn. You’ll relax, recuperate, and recharge with a hosted programme that combines sound bathing, yoga, walks, communal activities like cooking and evening games around the fire as well as informative talks on ways to break the hold of devices and reclaim control.


If you are suffering from low levels of energy, feeling anxious or stressed, and spending too much time on your screen at too fast a pace of life, a digital detox wellness retreat with Pure Turtle will help you to take a step away from your day to day life, re-assess and rebalance.


The Healing Field is in a beautifully remote location, set in the Huntingdonshire countryside.

We’ll be camping throughout our stay so you’ll need to bring a tent, and sleeping equipment but everything else will be provided.


During your stay you will have free time to enjoy all the comforts of the healing field, spend time in the henge or labyrinth or take part in walks, gentle exercise and enjoy social time with no pressures or expectations.


Camping - £300* per person early bird offer. £350 from 1st May.

Non-camping - £250 per person.

*massages extra


Meet your hosts

Michael is a meditation teacher and massage therapist with 5 years of experience in running retreats and helping people live happier healthier lives. Michael thrives in the natural world and enjoys nothing more than returning to a more relaxed and natural way of life. He has hundreds of 5* reviews for his massage and many happy clients for his meditation classes.


Sarah is a holistic teacher and practitioner with over 15 years of experience supporting and working with children, young people and adults to empower them to live a life of contentment and balance. Sarah is passionate about creating and facilitating sessions that inspire and motivate others to seek more natural ways to sustain their own wellbeing.



Day one:

12.00- Check in to Bythorn and set up camp

1.00 pm- Refreshments and introductions, with Michael and Sarah

2.00 pm – 3pm – Explore the site and get settled in and get to know each other

3pm -4.30pm – Talk on digital tech, the effects on our lives and why we are all here.

5pm – 6.30pm – Communal dinner

7pm – Evening Activity

8pm - gather round the fire for social time and games or solo time. Bed around 10pm.


Day Two:

6.00 am- 7.15 am ‑Sunrise walk with Michael.

7.15 am- Breakfast & Free Time

9.30am- 12pm – Alternatives to tech – activities with Sarah 

12pm - 1 pm- Guided Meditation and gentle movement with Michael

1pm- Lunch

2.30pm - Free time with optional massages

6.00 pm- Dinner

8pm - Yoga

9pm - Camp Fire social time, games, journalling time etc


Day Three:

7.45 am- Breakfast

9.00 am- 10.30 am- Morning with Sarah

10.30 am- 12.00 am- Massage/solo time

12.30 am- 2.30 pm- Group refreshments/feedback and de-brief, with Michael and Sarah

3pm- Pack up and Home

All meals are vegetarian, wholesome and nutritious.

Digital Detox Retreat 2024

Price Options
One-time purchase
£100.00every month for 3 months
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