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Understanding Me

We’ve created this series of articles (links below) because ‘understanding me’ is probably the most valuable thing we can achieve in life. And yet it’s so hard to know where to start.


We hope these articles will provide a fast-track to gaining a better understanding of who you are and how you work, which will, in turn, give you more control over how you feel and what you can do to achieve health and happiness in life.


Each of our ‘Understanding Me’ updates or materials will help you understand and recognise a different aspect of what your body wants and needs in more detail. This will help you to gain a greater sense of knowledge and control about what matters most - maintaining health, vitality and happiness.

Start to understand more about yourself by selecting the next article below, we recommend starting with your brain...

Understanding Me - What is my brain doing?

Understanding Me - Selfcare

Understanding Me - Movement

Understanding Me - Cortisol


One of the reasons we created Pure Turtle was because we have benefited so much ourselves from a greater understanding of the incredible creation a human being is.


It’s a learning journey that you will never reach the end of, and much remains unclear and mysterious.

But even accepting that, we believe there are huge health and happiness gains to be made by knowing more about how you work, and most importantly, making the changes that will deliver the life you want to experience.

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